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Anstey Residents Group, Alton, Hampshire

The Anstey Residents Group [ARG] has been set up to address planning issues and to give a voice to the residents in the area adjacent to the Coors sports ground, see About Us for further details.


Latest News

  • Review of local government in Hampshire (Thu 4 Aug 2016)

  • Alton Society's commentary on the proposals for the Molson Coors sport ground (Wed 3 Aug 2016)

  • The Alton Society's view on the latest plans for the MC brewery (Mon 25 Jul 2016)

  • Anstey Park consultation - ARG's letter to 'Open Spaces' chairman (Wed 13 Jul 2016)

  • Molson Coors brewery consultation - EHDC press release (Mon 11 Jul 2016)

  • Brexit has exposed Britain’s rotten core (part 1) (Sun 10 Jul 2016)

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COORS Sports Ground

John Eggars Square

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